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Our Purpose

Profotio was created to introduce to the world talented individuals working in the photographic medium. We recognized the need for a more proficient and more aesthetically appealing method of helping today’s photographic artist. We were also very aware of the costs and difficulties involved in self-promotion and advertising for photographers. Profotio sponsors photo competitions in order to encourage and provide opportunities for photographers. Our calls for entry are designed to attract all levels of skill from the beginner to the more advanced photographer.

Our mission is to effectively and attractively display each winning entrant’s work. Photographers specializing in any area are invited to participate. Visitors to Profotio will be able to view all winning images from each competition. Examples of the photographer‘s work along with pertinent information will be displayed. The entire format of Profotio was created for straightforwardness of use and attractiveness of viewing.

The staff involved in the creation of Profotio is very motivated in maintaining a valuable site and providing excellent user/client attention. TBM Photography Network (TBMPN) is the supporting force behind this online gallery. With much experience in the photographic field, TBMPN offers expertise, dependability, and quality to this endeavor. We are very committed to offering such a superior service. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions.